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Slow Fashion

I believe in thoughtful practices as an alternative to mass-produced clothing. This is an in-house small batch operation, meaning all creations are conceptualized and produced under the same roof. I make efforts to create timeless garments that can be a long lived part of your wardrobe.

I emphasize the artistry behind naturally dyed textiles through its long layered process that can span up to 4 months. I dedicate fabric scraps to re-purposing and community based projects by creating zero waste SOMOS by CocoNuco pieces, such as scrunchies and patched garments or donating scraps to schools, artists, and non profits. I offer complimentary repair services to reduce textile waste and prolong the lifespan of any SOMOS by CocoNuco item.

The natural world serves as the greatest source behind S O M O S by CocoNuco. This process reflects my affection and respect for our environment.



It can be a practical process, yet often times it is an intuitive experience. Ideas may pass through us from an unknowable source. What is that elusive thing? A bizarre and wondrous collaboration with our creative impulse. Through curiosity, passion, and knowledge boundless creativity is sparked. This has become one of the most important steps in the development of a project.

InflorWonderland (1).jpg


As children, we are taught to play. Now, we choose to spend our time in an unusual way by unexpectedly dancing in public spaces or mimicking each other. We don’t need a reason to play. Playing is simply a good thing. These scenes bring people together.



Community is the foundation of every project. I host all inclusive events such as clothing swaps, sliding scale workshops, and performances that continue to attract a delightful bunch of humans . ALL are accepted and appreciated here.

A percentage of each SOMOS by CocoNuco purchase is donated to charities and organizations that are doing incredible work locally and worldwide promoting human rights, environmental awareness, and education.