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Coco shares her craft and creative practices by providing hands on learning experiences in your space, for your team, or just for you! Learn how to extract color from flowers, herbs, and food scraps, dye with plant matter, create cosmic patterns through various dye techniques, re-purpose fabric, mend and add a little flare to your torn threads, or reconnect to your intelligent body through playful movement exercises.

The Colour Lab

The Colour Lab gives textiles a second life by turning them into a new botanical shade. We use traditional and modern techniques to color small batch garments and yardage for fashion, home decor, and fine art. All color creations, multicolored or solid, come from plant based dyes. 

AMANTE Flora Service 

Eternalize your special floral arrangements by altering your bouquet into an everlasting rarity.
Send us your botanical adornments and we will infuse a custom made silk slip or other linens of your choice with the colors, patterns, and intentions from your flora collection. Click here to view the latest A M A N T E collection.


Other Sevices

Bespoke Botanical Color Creation

Floral + Food Waste Transformation - into heirlooms + art installations

Alchemical Dye Session - with history and intention consultation.

Tailoring + Alterations

Custom Garments

Textile Design

Wardrobe + Styling

Creative Direction

Movement Direction

Community Based Projects