Collaboration Archive

Lavender Blue

Album art for Lavender Blue. A musical project that “evokes the calm felt right before a storm…”

Photographs & Creative Direction by Coco Villa.

Wild Wolf Leatherwork

A photo session of silk and leather designs from SOMOS by CocoNuco and Wild Wolf Leatherwork.


A Styled Flower Farm Wedding

Photography: Nicole McConnville
Location + Floral Design: Lady Lucky Flower Farm
Dresses + Table Fabrics: SOMOS by CocoNuco
Models: Coco Villa and Aubrey Huntley
Cake: OWL Bakery
Tableware: East Fork Pottery
Letterpress Cards: Cotton Blossom Press


The Indigo Ball

A multi-party fundraiser organized by the Asheville Area Arts Council. Each year a different color is chosen to lead the theme, entertainment, costumes, and amazing art and music of each party. The Indigo ball will have attendees bouncing around town to themed parties and reconvening for the Ball saturated in the color indigo. Costume designed by Coco Villa for collaborative performance by Stephanie Morgan and Marley Carroll.


WISE (when it’s so Easy) by Carly Taich

A music video created in partnership with IAMAVL and the Asheville Area Arts Council. Directed by Carly Taich and Coco Villa. Filmed and edited by Adam McMillan of AM Productions. Choreographed by Coco Villa and Carly Hambridge. Costumes designed and styled by SOMOS by CocoNuco.

Featuring Arielle Pask, Coco Villa, Ian Stabler, Kayla Fitzpatrick, Meryll Davis, Isaiah Derricks, Carly Taich, and Carly Hambridge

Song arranged and performed by Carly Taich (vocals, guitar), Jack Victor (drums, vocals), Zack Kardon (guitar, vocals), Alex Travers (violin), and Mike Johnson (bass).

Screenshot 2017-10-11 at 7.03.42 PM.png

Midnight Snack

A floral collection of hand-printed and naturally dyed garments for Midnight Snack’s stage wear.

Photographs and designs by Coco Villa.