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Coco Villa is a sustainable fashion designer, botanical dyer, performance artist, choreographer, photographer, and art director.

As a devoted being to handmade goods, she wildly crafts rarities for spaces, walls, and bodies. All are documented experiments on dressing, movement, and natural color behavior.

c u r r e n t l y • Asheville, North Carolina.

SOMOS by CocoNuco was born in 2012 when founder Coco Villa rekindled her great lifelong love and fascination with sewing and performance art. What started as a custom client collection, evolved into a line of a wearable art with an emphasis in botanical dyes and sustainable apparel. This is not just a clothing brand. It is an experiment where fashion meets contemporary art.

It is a way of researching, sharing, and connecting. 
It is a creative practice, a performance, a documentation of movement, a dance installation. 
It is the study of botanical colors, a natural dye lab, an alchemical practice.
It is an exploration of geometry, fiber craft, and ethically made apparel. 
It is a closet full of eco-luxury garments for all to play dress up in.

Creations  are wildly crafted in small batches, naturally dyed by hand with locally foraged plant matter, and filled with ingredients that love you back.  All goods are stitched together from natural fibers, folk fabric, hand printed textiles, or salvaged materials. 

Coco creates one of a kind conceptual pieces for seasonal collections. 

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AMANTE Intimates

A M A N T E is Coco Villa's collection of silk slips, a poem of fiber and botanical color, an overlap in history and intention, a nostalgic relationship with Earth. Each garment is handmade from natural fibers, soaked in a bit of magic, and filled with ingredients that love you back.

The layers we intertwine into our worlds should be infused with healing intentions, strength, and love. This is your most intimate layer. This is a companion for your skin.

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"People have become much more careful about what they ingest and put inside their bodies. I think people should also be aware of and notice the things that they put on their skin. It is one of the most absorbent organs we have. "

- Coco Villa on The Creativity Habit

As Coco works with artists, farmers, herbalists, restaurants, flower shops, and fiber enthusiasts, she studies everything from minerals and botanical color to the production of ethical fashion brands. She explores healing rituals and science based hypothesis through cooking, foraging, extracting, recording, and ultimately trial and error.

Take a look at her Workbook for shared research.

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This is a small batch operation. All garments are entirely handcrafted from seam to button. Every aspect of these one of a kind pieces are done in studio from textile design and selection to natural dyeing, sewing, harvesting plants, and herbal pigment preparations.

Creations are naturally dyed by hand with locally foraged plant matter. These ingredients come from our kitchen, back yard, or neighbors, such as Luck Flower Farm and Flora.

All goods are stitched together from natural fibers, folk fabric, hand printed textiles, or salvaged materials.

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Botanical Color

Working with natural dyes is a long layered process that requires a great amount of care and patience, often involving a series of baths, steams, and air drying, spanning days to weeks in order to achieve the most unique color blends. Experimentation is at the heart of the work.

Fabrics are treated through alchemical dye sessions and infused with healing herbs and wild flowers. The natural world serves as the greatest source behind Coco's creations.

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Coco shares her craft by providing hands on learning experiences in your space, for your team, or just for you!

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