Let us be fair, passionate, and loving in all that we do as creatures of our generous planet. All services and creations are performed with ultimate respect to la Pachamama. Some creative services include...

Custom Garments

Tailoring + Alterations

Textile + Fashion Design

Bespoke Botanical Color Creation

Creative Direction + Styling

Workshops + Demos + Private Classes

Community Based Projects

Alchemical Dye Sessions

     With history and intention consultation.

Floral and Food Waste Transformation

      Into color, heirlooms, and art installations.

Natural Hand Dyeing 

     Traditional and modern techniques to color small batch garments and yardage for fashion, home decor, and fine art.

A M A N T E  Bridal Service

     Eternalize your special day by altering your wedding bouquet into an everlasting rarity.

     Send us your floral adornments and we will infuse a garment or other linens of your choice with the colors,  patterns, and intentions from your botanical arrangements. Click here for more information about the A M A N T E collection.

- - -

Please email somoscoconuco@gmail.com to place custom orders and for all other inquiries regarding service packages and rates.