CocoNuco is an Earth based visual artist with a focus in textiles, installation, and community-based projects. As a devoted being to handmade goods, she wildly crafts rarities for spaces, walls, and bodies. All are experiments in slow fashion, botanical color, movement, performance, and photography.

c u r r e n t l y • Asheville, North Carolina.

S O M O S by CocoNuco

S O M O S is the handmade clothing collection of CocoNuco, specializing in botanical dyes and sustainable fashion.

Most creations are wildly crafted in small batches, naturally dyed by hand with locally foraged plant matter, and filled with ingredients that love you back.  All goods are stitched together from natural fibers, folk fabric, hand printed textiles, or salvaged materials. 

CocoNuco creates one of a kind conceptual pieces for seasonal collections. 

A M A N T E Intimates

In the age of witches, charmers would soak their undergarments alchemical baths and hold them to the most intimate parts of their bodies. The layers we intertwine into our worlds should be infused with healing intentions, strength, and love. There is luxury and enchantment in an aged object that emerged from an energetic creation through the long layered natural dye process.

A M A N T E is a collection of intimates, a poem of fiber and botanical color, an overlap in history and intention, a nostalgic relationship with Earth. Each garment is handmade from natural fibers and hand dyed with locally grown pigments.

Collection launch 9.8.2017

H a n d m a d e   P i e c e s

S O M O S is entirely handcrafted from seam to button. Every aspect of these handmade pieces are done in studio from textile design and selection to dyeing, sewing, photography, shipping, harvesting plants, and herbal pigment preparations. There is no outside production. 

N a t u r a l    D y e    P r o c e s s

Working with natural dyes is a long layered process that requires a great amount of care and patience, often involving a series of baths, steams, and air drying, spanning days to weeks in order to achieve the most unique color blends. Experimentation is at the heart of the work.

Fabrics are treated through alchemical dyeing sessions infused with healing herbs and wild flowers.  For an emphasis on conscious clothing and slowly created textiles, each item is charged by the sun and moon.

S O M O S is 100% chemical free.

You are supporting a handmade business by puchasing any S O M O S piece.